Large Hookah Party Pack

List price: $239.80  


You save: $9.85 (4%)

Having a party? Our large hookah party pack will ensure your party is unique and there is plenty of hookahs to get around. 

Our hookahs includes everything you need including hoses, tongs, pokers and mouth pieces. 


  • 1 x Large 2-Hose Hookah (large than 60cm)
  • 1 x Medium 1-Hose Hookah (large than 30cm)
  • 1 x Large 1-Hose Hookah (large than 40cm)
  • 8 x Soex hookah flavours (50gms per flavour)
  • 4 x Quick light coal packs (10 coals per pack)
  • 2 x Hookah foils (50 foils per pack)



  1. The image shown is for illustrative purposes only. Our hookahs change all the time depending on what we can get stock of. The hookahs sent to you may be different than in the image above.
  2. We will select the different hookah flavours. We will ensure there is a variety including our most popular flavours.